2014 Standards Leadership Council Houston

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Westchase Marriott - 2900 Briarpark Dr. Houston, TX 77042 $0 March, 19, 2014 02:00 pm March, 19, 2014 10:00 pm

An Invitation from the Standards Leadership Council

Why Should You Attend? The Standards Leadership Council (SLC) is an unprecedented alliance of oil and gas industry standards organizations and YOU are invited to participate in this exciting and informative meeting!

Please join us on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 as the SLC hosts a full day Standards Leadership Council Public Forum to discuss the SLC interoperability projects and to collaborate with your industry peers on defining future SLC projects

As a community, we have a tremendous opportunity to build synergy through standards. Help us realize this vision.

Meeting Agenda

8:30 Keynote Speaker – Mr. Jim Crompton, Information Pipeline, LLC - Presentation
9:00 Future plans for the SLC – Trudy Curtis, PPDM- Presentation
9:30 BP vision for the SLC – Rusty Foreman, BP- Presentation
10:00 Break
10:30 What is PUG? - Andrea LePard, PUG- Presentation
11:00 OMG Update – Richard Soley, OMG- Presentation
11:20 PIDX is the engine behind Petroleum eCommerce – Fadi Kanafani, PIDX- Presentation
11:35 Interoperability project – Alan Johnston, MIMOSA & Nils Sandsmark, PCA- Presentation
11:50 Raster log calibration - WITSML/PPDM mapping progress - Jana Schey, Energistics- Presentation
12:05 Lunch
1:25 Discussion about the vision – Jerry Hubbard, Energistics
2:10 OGP Guidance Note on the integration of the SSDM and Pipeline Data Models, Narmina Lovely, BHP Billiton- Presentation
2:25 Collaboration for the emergence of a professional society for data managers - Trudy Curtis, PPDM- Presentation
2:55 Break
3:25 MIMOSA Update – Alan Johnston, MIMOSA- Presentation
3:40 OPC Update – Tom Burke, OPC- Presentation
3:55 A single shared set of Units of Measure – Jay Hollingsworth, Energistics - Presentation
4:10 PCA Update – Nils Sandsmark, PCA- Presentation
4:25 Mining and Oil & Gas – Same Challenges, Helping Each Other – Tim Skinner, Global Mining Standards Group- Presentation
4:40 SEG Update – Bill Rimmer, SEG- Presentation
5:00 Discussion and wrap-up – Jerry Hubbard, Energistics
Sponsors Presentations:
Infosys - Presentation Oracle - Presentation

You can also download the full agenda

This event has reached capacity. Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for future events.

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